After enduring a very cold winter, numerous gardeners are overjoyed that spring is here finally. What is even better is now is the time for planting seeds and cultivating gardens that will help to introduce the spring season’s green beauty. However, without any early preparation, then your garden may not succeed. The following are some of the top strategies for organising your gardens during the spring.

Start to look for bulbs and seeds

If you like planting flowers like lilies, now is the time to get started with ordering bulbs and seeds. Otherwise, you will end up missing out on the gorgeous summer display. You can get your seeds online or buy them the closest store in your local area. Be sure the bulbs and seeds are in great condition in order to avoid being disappointed later in the season after the planting season is over.

Clean the garden

If your garden has debris in it, then it’s time for you to get rid of it. Don’t ignore the pond and lawn. Remove any weeds that are growing in your garden and place them in a pile in order to make compost that you can use when you are gardening. Dig the soil up in the flowerbeds and garden to ensure that it does not harden. Hire a gardening service if you are unable to do this yourself.

Cut back trees

If you have trees that are starting to encroach into areas you want to keep clear then now is the time to go at them with a chainsaw or loppers, depending on the thickness of branches. A chainsaw will make light work of thick branches. If you don’t currently own a chainsaw but would consider buying one, take a look at this petrol chainsaw review site

Clean the greenhouse

If you would plant inside a greenhouse, then it is time to tidy up. if any plant debris is leftover in containers, clean them out. Make sure that the floors and seat are completely clean in order to bring any pests in. Check the temperature and everything else that is necessary to ensure the greenhouse is in great condition before the spring season begins.

Repairing gates

If you want to divide plants inside your garden, your gates need to be fixed. If you have wooden fences, ensure they are treated properly in order to avoid attacks from pests. Fix any latches that are broken and re-paint them to ensure your garden is appealing once the planting begins.

Clean your gardening tools

During the winter, you threw your gardening equipment inside of the shed so now it is time to get them out of storage. Make sure to clean, sharpen and inspect your tools to ensure they are functioning correctly. Change any damaged or broken equipment to ensure that everything is working properly before you start to plant.

Prepare your manure/compost

If you want your crops to grow to their maximum potential once the spring season comes around, then you will need to have a large amount of garden manure and compost. However, you do need to avoid using pesticides or fertilisers that may damage your plants. Therefore any unwanted plants or weeds taken out of the garden need to be put into a compost pile. However, it is also a good idea to collect animal droppings that are in your garden and then it store it and use it as compost.

For more information on using manure as a fertiliser, take a look here:

Finally, you should be ready with plenty of water when you are planting seeds. Without water, your plants will die quickly. Therefore, store large containers of water to make sure there is enough water for your plants, Use the ideas above to make sure your garden is ready for spring.

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